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Why we need another version of Parts Unknown

Why we need another version of Parts UnknownWhy we need another version of Parts UnknownWe got to know Anthony Burdain as the fearless, authentic and deeply human host of Parts Unknown, who allowed us to escape from our daily lives and travel, at least vicariously, to amazing out-of-the-way places all over the world. Thats why the heartbreaking news of Bourdains suicide came as such a shock.Well never know the private battles that drove him to this tragic decision, but in our natural urge to make some sense of his story, we can use what happened as a aussicht to stop and reflect on our own stories. Yes, there are many parts unknown around the world, but millions seem to have forgotten that exploring parts unknown inside ourselves is also a necessary part of a full life.Because however many fulfilling relationships we have, the relationship with ourselves is the most important one well ever have. And, like any relationship, it cant be taken for granted without care and attention, it will atrophy and, ultimately, break down.If there is one thing I wish I knew when I welches studying the Greeks in my school in Athens, its that the Delphic admonition Know Thyself and Socrates admonition that the unexamined life is not worth living are not ancient philosophical platitudes, but in fact the most relevant and important guiding truths for our lives. And today, in the words of Thch Nh?t H?nh, the renowned Vietnamese Buddhist monk, It has never been easier to andrang away from ourselves.All around us we see the tragic consequences including in the rise of depression, anxiety, and suicide (a report released last week by the CDC found that suicide rates have gone up by more than 25 percent since 1999).I completely understand the sense of wonder that has led men and women through the ages to explore outer space, but Ive personally always been much more fascinated with exploring inner space. And every major religion and ancient philosophy - whether its the Tao, Zen, the Bh agavad Gita or the Stoics - has stressed the need to connect with those inner and deeper parts of ourselves if we want to find meaning in life.But modern life has made it harder and harder to connect with ourselves. Instead, we take pride in being always on, breathlessly running from one thing to another. Bourdains life was no exception. His travel schedule was grueling and he often seemed quite beat-up from it, as anyone would be, a friend said. It was as if he gave everything to his work and then had nothing, zero, left for himself afterwards.As Andrew Solomon wrote in the New Yorker, part of what seemed so shocking about the deaths of both Bourdain and Kate Spade was the seeming disparity between the internal and external. The gap between public triumph and private despair is treacherous, he wrote, with the outer shell obscuring the real person even to those with whom he or she had professed intimacy.The danger of that gap isnt just limited to celebrities. We all need to maintai n that bridge from the frenetic outer world to the peace, strength, and wisdom of our inner world. But our entire culture, with its constant buzzing, blinking notifications demanding that we look out, not in, is designed to never allow us a spare second on that bridge. The temptations are constantly multiplying and are becoming ever more sophisticated at grabbing our attention.So many of our collective resources go into drawing us outside of ourselves new clothes, new makeup, new gadgets, new recipes that weve lost the sense of what should be in the background and what should be in the foreground of our lives.This week New York Magazine described how Netflix was becoming a binge factory, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the best talent in Hollywood to capture our attention. And this, after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings proclaimed last year that Netflixs main competition was sleep one of the few remaining opportunities to explore inner parts unknownOne of the problems of ou r culture is that while there are always plenty of signposts along our path directing us to climb up the ladder and be always on, there are almost no signposts reminding us to stay connected to the essence of who we are, to take care of ourselves along the way, to reach out to others, to stopp to wonder, and to connect to that place from which everything is possible. Give me a place to stand, my Greek compatriot Archimedes said, and I will move the world.So what if, as signposts reminding us to stay connected to the essence of who we are, there were multiple new series dedicated to exploring those forgotten inner parts through different spiritual teachers, philosophers, poets, and artists? They could take us through the Tao, Zen philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, the Stoics, through the poetry of Whitman and Wordsworth and Thoreau. And of course, the wisdom of Thomas Merton, who said, What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ou rselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery.Thats my dream lineup of shows for the fall. But who would host? Any ideas? Who could breathe life into such explorations the way Bourdain did into Parts Unknown around the world? And what other episodes would you want to see in this spinoff? What other poets and philosophers and teachers would you like to see included? Wed love your thoughts. After all the recent tragic news, thats a conversation worth having.This column first appeared on Thrive Global.

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Details of Research Associate Resume

Details of Research Associate Resume Research Associate Resume Features The fellowship should have been awarded by a reasonable and equitable procedure, and it has to be paid. Research assistants review print and internet resources to assemble information. Postdoctoral fellows arent qualified for the summer program. Type of Research Associate Resume To assist you in getting started, have a look at the sample job descriptions below. No matter what kind of profession youre seeking, theres a resume writing sample that may support you in making your own resume. A well written cover letter will raise your probability of being asked to take part in an interview. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Furthermore, you can find out more about science careers on Monster. Whether youre an undergraduate or a person who wants to break into an area of interest, you may always locate job openings for a Research Assistant. In your resume, its possible to o nly include things like work experience directly linked to the job which you apply. Finding a new job every year appears bad on a resume and will hurt your odds of being hired later on. The Importance of Research Associate Resume Hiring managers want to be aware of if you will need to relocate. Sales is much like customer service as salespeople can be effective in a variety of industries. Transportation jobs involve a great deal of responsibility and your resume will want to reflect you can manage that. Accounting and finance managers might want to see your technical understanding. The Chronicles of Research Associate Resume There are various kinds of jobs offered for people interested in research. You just are notlage able to slacken off when it has to do with research. Professionals do have the inclination explore myriad fields and agricultural scenario is just the same. If youre intent on turning into a well-rounded clinical research professional, you have to have a b roadened understanding and knowledge of several topics. Scroll down one fold and youll observe an ideal research assistant resume sample. The area of information technology gets more important every single day. Research is a significant function for each and every business no matter industry. A Secret Weapon for Research Associate Resume Employing good keywords shows prospective employers which you might be a superior fit for the organization. Uploading to our resume database requires you to make an account. Giving a PDF copy will be a better choice. Creating a resume is not so difficult. Job seekers deserve to discover decent content quickly. It is most important if writing a resume, but additionally, it applies to CVs. Writing a strong application is a challenging procedure and we would like to make it simpler. Be Organized Effective research is one thats simple to comprehend and navigate through. If you are searching for a professional position, you ought to choose a program that specializes in creating professional resumes. To start with, the career objective of the resume has to be catchy. If youre attempting to obtain work in accounting or finance you require averystrong resume. Infographic resumes are impossible to comprehend, states MacIntyre. Your job listing indicates that you are looking for a person whos capable of not only using statistical tactics, but who will also utilize variety of software. There are a lot of ways to compose a resume. A sample of resumes also tells you whats hot in the region of your interest. It can help you reap advantage from the situation. You have to set up an account as a way to apply. 1 thing you will certainly need to be certain that you include in your resume is your contact info, that need to be prominent at the peak of the webpage. To assist you research your preferred program, weve provided multiple search options below. When creating your resume being precise about who you are what you nee d to offer is vital to achieving the message youre trying to imply.

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5 Tips to Help You Descend the Corporate Ladder Gracefully

5 Tips to Help You Descend the Corporate Ladder Gracefully Perhaps youve been soaring in the corporate heavens for a few years now, and maybe youre starting to find that things dont look so great from 30,000 feet up anymora. Perhaps you flew a little too close to the sun? Maybe you are tired, you no longer enjoy the work, or you are out of your depth? Maybeyou just want out you want to dial it down a bit, take an easier, more engaging job, and get your groove back. However, the problem with the current corporate career ladder is that it only goes one way. Sure, you can come down, but you cant just neatly climb your way back to the bottom. You either have to jump off without a parachute fall off, or be pushed off. In any case, you generally hit the ground with a nasty thud.Itdoesnt have to be this way, and thankfully, things arestarting to change.Cathy Benko, vice chairman and managing principal at Deloitte, has recently pioneered the termcareer lattices, which are posedas modern replacements for the one-way career ladder. In a career lattice, employees donthave to jump off the career ladder when they find they dont like their role. Instead, they can move left or right, up or down. In a carrer lattice, when individuals reach apoint of incompetence, burnout, or disinterest, they can gracefully move back down to a more suitable role.Suchcareer flexibility is great, but we dont all work for Deloitte, and fruchtwein employers havent fully embraced or even heard of this concept just yet. This means that, if you are looking to descend the corporate ladder gracefully, youll most likely be the first to do so at your particular company. With that in mind,Id like to offer some tips on how you can climb down the ladder without falling to your doom.1. Be BraveTheres no hiding from it youll need to show some courage to abdicate yourlofty position. But, as soon as you have made your plan for change, youll gaina sense of direction. As you start ticking off some milestones, youll feel that you are progressing toward your goals. Youll be focused and galvanized, and the feelings of uncertainty will start to ebb away.2. Use Positive VisualizationResearch such as the book Creative Visualization byAlan Richardsonand this article by Catherine Chadwickshows that positive visualization the process of rehearsing, acting out, seeing, and visualizing success in your mind can better prepare you to achieve goals. It can certainly help you achieve an especially difficult goal, such as climbing down a career ladder. Engage in positive visualization by visualizing what success might look like in 2-3 years and what youll do to achieve ultimate success next week, next month, next quarter, and so on. If you need help in engaging in positive visualization, just search the Internet. Youll find plenty of step-by-step guides.3. Speak to Your ManagerYour request to step down may take your manager by surprise, so its a good idea to arrange a meeting with themto explain your reasoning. You should alsoexplain what might happen if you dont make the change and why you think climbing down the corporate ladderwill benefit you, your manager, and your organization. The most attractive benefit, of course, is that you will be more engaged and effective.4.Try to Negotiate a Step-DownYou may want to speak to peers and coworkers and explain your plans. You may find that you are able to negotiate a step-down in role within the organization. If your manager is on your side, they may be able to help you with this.5. Apply to the Open MarketIf the previous negotiation step fails, youll simply have to apply for suitable, more junior-level jobs within your companysinternal job market or the external job market overall.If you are going external, youll needto make acompelling case for your decision to seek a lower-level positionto potential new employers. In a situation like this,Ithink that using a recruiter can be especially beneficial.If you can convince the recruiter of your authenticity and the soundness of your decision, they can act as a powerful ally and fight for youwith skeptical corporate hiring teams.

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The Functional Resume is DEAD!

The Functional Resume is DEADThe Functional Resume is DEADThe Functional Resume is DEADThe functional resume was created back in the 1980s.It was a good format, creative, and featured the best skills offered by the applicant. The functional resume was popular until about 2008 when competition became worse than ever. Then,the HR recruiters stopped reading resumes full of chatty, wordy, profuse, adjective-driven sentences that said nothing specific.Nowadays the HR recruiters want the FACTS and FAST. They want to know when you did a certain job, where you worked, your job title, and your scope of work. They want your duties and responsibilities. And they want metrics and numbers. How many employees, customers, square feet, and dollars are involved with your job? And give it to me fast, because I have a lot of resumes to read.And then. To keep the interest and engagement of the HR recruiter, you add a couple of your best accomplishments. You know, like John Grisham does at the end of alf ruchtwein every page in his legal suspense books. Your resume can be a Page Turner if you add a few good stories about projects, people, and programs that you have managed and problems you have solved.They used to say that the functional resume was good for homemakers returning to work. Not so. The homemakers have great experience and a chronological listing of caregiving eventsHomemaker, Catonsville, MD, 2010 to presentHomemaker, two children. Active in education, activities, sports, group activities, healthcare and residential management. Encourage reading, healthy eating, and activities to develop active, healthy, and interested children. Also attend school events and community programs, and work to enhance community life here in Catonsville.The functional is a good resume format for people who have been in prison. If you have been to prison and you do want to return to work, then the functional resume is great for you. Imagine HRs reaction to the following chronological, duty-dr iven resume entryState of Maryland, Detention Center, Ellicott City, MD, 2014 to 2015Served two years for drug dealing and vagrancy.Thats not a good resume job description.AlternativeOBJECTIVE Retail SalesSUMMARYCOMMUNICATIONSPLANNING AND COORDINATIONTEAMWORKPROBLEM-SOLVING++++Even for the offender, this resume is not ideal- because it is not specific. The best way for an offender to get back to work is through networking, probation officer leads, and workforce center opportunities. Internships and trial-basis jobs to begin your career again can work.So, for a person with a work history, the functional resume is not a good idea.I interviewed career professionals to get their thoughts on the functional resume, and here they areWendy Enelow writes executive resumes for senior executives.Although 95% of job seekers should write chronological resumes, there still exists a place for the functional resume for career changers, people returning to work after an extended absence, job hopper s, ex-offenders, and others with employment challenges. Functional resumes wont fool anyone but, hopefully, your skills and achievements are enough to generate interest, an interview, and an offerLouise Kursmark is an expert in resume writing and is a trainer of other resume writers.Functional resumes are a bad idea for most job seekers. They dont work with ATS, they are often viewed with suspicion by HR and hiring managers, and they make it impossible for readers to truly understand the career story. But for some, the functional format is the best option. When done well, a functional resume can paint a strong and cohesive picture of a great candidate. If youre using a functional resume, you must be aware of its limitations and- even more than most job seekers- network into opportunities rather than relying on job postings.John OConnor is a resume writer, career coach and leader of a boutique outplacement and career services firm.The main problem I see when it comes to pure functio nal formats is that the reader or hiring manager must play a connect the dots game with times, achievements and responsibilities. Even if there is a sharp interest in a candidate for the job many recruiters will pass if they feel the writer or job applicant seems to be more interested in formatting and making things hard to find.I think that a functional resume can keep you from getting hired or ever getting a new career going, and can cause depression, frustration, unemployment for years and maybe worse.If I see a functional resume from someone who is out of work, I know immediately why. The functional resume format is not welcomed by any recruiter who is reviewing resumes and hiring today. This is a totally old school, unusable, unreadable and unwelcome resume format.Do not use a functional resume for any reason, unless you have just gotten out of prison. Whether you are writing your first resume or looking to write your next best resume we can help.The Federal Resume Guidebook is not just about federal resumes. This book set the voreingestellt for federal resumesLIBRARY JOURNAL REVIEW One of the Books most borrowed in U.S. Libraries, Career Book List, April 1st, 2009With a focus on writing the best Federal Resume for USAJOBS and other online federal resume builders, the Federal Resume Guidebook provides comprehensive, in-depth guidance on how to craft the perfect federal application to change jobs or get promoted. The sixth edition gives detailed advice on how to navigate and make the most out of USAJOBS and other online application systems.To Get More Info or Order the Federal Resume GuidebookTo Order Creating Your First Resume

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Ways to Get Discharged From the Military

Ways to Get Discharged From the MilitaryWays to Get Discharged From the MilitaryOnce you sign your contract to serve your country in the military, you are obligated to fulfill that contract as the military is obligated to provide a job, health and dental care, an opportunity for promotion, and leave (vacation).However, a service members obligation to his armed service continues until terminated. Generally, this time period is determined by the terms of the enlistment contract, but earlier termination may result due to administrative or disciplinary staffelung based upon specifically identified conduct on the part of the service-member. There is no gray area to what is right or wrong in the military. The military, as well as the civilian laws, apply and can be referenced in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). There are two types of early gestaffelte anordnungs given by the armed forces of the United States to enlisted service-members punitive discharges and administrative ge staffelte anordnungs. Punitive DischargesPunitive discharges are authorized punishments of courts-martial and can only be awarded as an approved court-martial sentence pursuant to a conviction for a violation of the UCMJ. There are two types of punitive discharges Dishonorable Discharge (DD) which can only be adjudged by a general court-martial and is a separation under dishonorable conditions and Bad-Conduct Discharge (BCD) which can be adjudged by either a general court-martial or a special court-martial and is a separation under conditions other than honorable. Administrative SeparationsAdministrative separations canleid be awarded by a court-martial and are not punitive in nature. Enlisted personnel may be administratively separated with a characterization of service (characterized separation) or description of separation as warranted by the fabrollcontainer-transportsystem of the particular case. Types of Discharges Depend Upon Characterization of tafelgeschirr Characteri zation at separation is based upon the quality of the members service, including the reason for separation and guidance below. The military determines the quality of service in accordance with standards of acceptable personal conduct and wertzuwachs of duty for military personnel found in theUniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) directive and regulations issued by the Department of Defense and the Military Departments, and the time-honored customs and traditions of military service. The quality of service of a member on active duty or active duty for training is affected adversely by conduct that is of a nature to bring discredit on the Military Services or is prejudicial to good order and discipline, regardless of whether the conduct is subject to UCMJ jurisdiction. Characterization may be based on conduct in the civilian community, and the burden is on the respondent to demonstrate that such conduct did not adversely affect the respondents service. The Military considers the rea sons for separation, including the specific circumstances that form the basis for the separation, on the issue of characterization. As a general matter, regulations require the military to determine characterization upon a pattern of behavior rather than an isolated incident. There are circumstances, however, in which the conduct or performance of duty reflected by a single incident provides the basis for characterization. Types of Discharges Honorable.The Honorable characterization is appropriate when the quality of the members service generally has met the standards of acceptable conduct and performance of duty for military personnel or is otherwise so meritorious that any other characterization would be clearly inappropriate.General (Under Honorable Conditions).If a members service has been honest and faithful, it is appropriate to characterize that service under honorable conditions. Characterization of service as General (under honorable conditions) is warranted when signif icant negative aspects of the members conduct or performance of duty outweigh positive aspects of the members military conduct or performance of duty outweigh positive aspects of the record.Many people believe that separating at the end of the normal term of service guarantees an Honorable Discharge. This is not so.Alladministrative discharges take into account the individuals conduct and performance. Too many disciplinary infractions or low-performance report ratings may result in a General (under honorable conditions) discharge. Other Than Honorable Conditions.OTH Discharges the lowest form of discharge one can receive administratively. These are warranted when the reason for separation is based upon a pattern of behavior that constitutes a significant departure from the conduct expected of members of the Military Services, or when the reason for separation is based upon one or more acts or omissions that constitute a significant departure from the conduct expected of members of t he Military Services.Examples of factors that may be considered include the use of force or violence to produce serious bodily injury or death, abuse of a special position of trust, disregard by a superior of customary superior-subordinate relationships, acts or omissions that endanger the security of the United States or the health and welfare of other members of the Military Services, and deliberate acts or omissions that seriously endanger the health and safety of other persons. Dishonorable Discharges.There is a difference between the OTH Discharge and the Dishonorable Discharge. The OTH does not require a court-martial in order to leave the military this happens purely through administrative process.However, a dishonorable discharge is the lowest form of discharge you can receive and must come from a general court-martial - in other words - a trial. These are typically criminal acts that lead to dishonorable discharges. You will not only leave the military with no benefits of h aving served, but you will take with you a criminal record that will be visible by future employers. The Process Administrative Separations break down into two basic areas voluntary separations and involuntary separations. A discharge at the end of ones term of service is an example of a voluntary separation. However, the involuntary discharge process is fairly straightforward. The commander makes an election to pursue involuntary discharge proceedings and notifies the respondent in writing. Once the commander receives the letter with attachments from the respondent, he/she determines whether or not to proceed with the discharge proceedings. If the commander elects to proceed an administrative discharge mainboard is convened (if required). If the board is not required, the commander forwards the package to the approval authority (usually the installation commander) for final approval or disapproval. The Separation Authority may consider the following factors on the issue of ret ention or separation, depending on the circumstances of the case The seriousness of the circumstances forming the basis for initiation of separation proceedings, and the effect of the members continued retention on military discipline, good order, and morale.The likelihood of continuation or recurrence of the circumstances forming the basis for initiation of separation proceedings.The likelihood that the member will be a disruptive or undesirable influence in present or future duty assignments.The ability of the member to perform duties effectively in the present and in the future, includingpotenzialfor advancement or leadership. The members rehabilitative potential.The members entire military record - everything. Isolated incidents and events that are remote in time normally have little value in determining whether administrative separation should be effected.The use of such records ordinarily are limited to those cases involving patterns of conduct manifested over an extended peri od of time. The Administrative Discharge Board The Separation Authority appoints to the Administrative Board at least three experienced commissioned, warrant, or non-commissioned officers. Enlisted personnel appointed to the Board must be in grade E-7 or above and must be senior to the respondent. At least one member of the Board must be serving in the grade of O-4 or higher, and a majority of the board must be commissioned or warrant officers. The senior member is the president of the board. The Separation Authority also may appoint to the Board a nonvoting recorder. A nonvoting legal adviser may be appointed to assist the Board. Rights of the Respondent The respondent may testify in his or her own behalf, subject to the provisions of Article 31(a), UCMJ (Self Incrimination). At any time during the proceedings, the respondent or counsel may submit written or recorded matter for consideration by the Board. The respondent or counsel may call witnesses in his or her behalf. T he respondent or counsel may question any witness who appears before the Board. The respondent or counsel may present argument prior to when the Board closes the case for deliberation on findings and recommendations. The Board is required to determine its findings and recommendations in closed sessions. Only voting members of the board may be present. The Board determines the following Whether each allegation in the notice of proposed separation is supported by a preponderance of the evidence.Whether the findings warrant separation with respect to the reason for separation set forth in the Notice, if more than one reason welches contained in the Notice, there must be a separate determination for each reason.The Board makes a recommendation of or separation (Not guilty or innocence).If the Board recommends separation, it may recommend that the separation be suspended.If separation or suspended separation is recommended, the Board recommends a characterization of service or descriptio n of separation. Basis for Involuntary Separations There are several reasons an individual can processed for involuntary separation. Below are the most common ParenthoodA member may be separated by reason of parenthood if as a result thereof it is determined that the member is unable satisfactorily to perform his or her duties or is unavailable for worldwide assignment or deployment. Separation processing may not be initiated until the member has been counseled formally concerning deficiencies and has been afforded an opportunity to overcome those deficiencies as reflected in appropriate counseling or personnel records. Physical or Mental ConditionIndividuals may be involuntarily separated on the basis of designated physical or mental conditions, not amounting to Disability, that potentially interfere with assignment to or performance of duty. Such conditions may include but are not limited to chronic seasickness or airsickness, enuresis, and personality disorder. Separation on the basis of personality disorder is authorized only if a diagnosis by a psychiatrist or psychologist, completed in accordance with procedures established by the Military Department concerned, concludes that the disorder is so severe that the members ability to function effectively in the military environment is significantly impaired. Separation for personality disorder is not appropriate when separation is warranted for other reasons. For example, if separation is warranted on the basis of unsatisfactory performance or misconduct, the member usually will not be separated under this section regardless of the existence of a personality disorder. DisabilityA member may be separated for disability under the provisions of 10 U.S.C., Chapter 6l (reference (n)). Disability separations usually result in an Honorable, or Entry Level Separation. Erroneous EnlistmentA member may be separated on the basis of an erroneous enlistment, induction, or extension of enlistment. An enlistment, indu ction, or extension of enlistment is erroneous in the following circumstances, if (1) It would not have occurred had the relevant facts been known by the government or had appropriate directives been followed (2) It was not the result of fraudulent conduct on the part of the member and (3) The defect is unchanged in material respects. Erroneous Enlistment. normally receive an Honorable Discharge, unless eligible for an Entry Level Separation (Less than 180 days of military service). Fraudulent Entry Into the Military ServiceA member may be separated on the basis of procurement of a fraudulent enlistment, induction, or period of military service through any deliberate material misrepresentation, omission, or concealment that, if known at the time of enlistment, induction, or entry onto a period of military service might have resulted in rejection. Characterization of service or description of separation is based upon the service record and severity of the fraudulent entry. If the fr aud involves concealment of a prior separation in which service was not characterized as Honorable, characterization normally shall be Under Other Than Honorable Conditions. Unsatisfactory wertzuwachsA member may be separated when it is determined that the member is unqualified for further military service by reason of unsatisfactory performance. Separation processing may not be initiated until the member has been counseled formally concerning deficiencies and has been afforded an opportunity to overcome those deficiencies as reflected in appropriate counseling or personnel records. Counseling and rehabilitation requirements are of particular importance with respect to this reason for separation. Because military service is a calling different from any civilian occupation, a member should not be separated when unsatisfactory performance is the sole reason unless there have been efforts at rehabilitation under standards prescribed by the Secretary concerned. The service shall be cha racterized as Honorable or General (under honorable conditions). Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation FailureA member who has been referred to a program of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse may be separated for failure through inability or refusal to participate in, cooperate in, or successfully complete such a program in the following circumstances (1) There is a lack of potential for continued military service or (2) Long-term rehabilitation is determined necessary and the member is transferred to a civilian medical facility for rehabilitation. MisconductA member may be separated for misconduct when it is determined that the member is unqualified for further military service by reason of one or more of the following circumstances Minor Disciplinary Infractions A pattern of misconduct consisting solely of minor disciplinary infractions. If separation of a member in entry-level status is warranted solely by reason of minor disciplinary infractions, the action should be processed und er Entry-Level Performance and Conduct.A Pattern of Misconduct A pattern of misconduct consisting of (a) discreditable involvement with civil or military authorities or (b) conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.Commission of a Serious Offense Commission of a serious military or civilian offense if in the following circumstances (1) The specific circumstances of the offense warrant separation and (2) A punitive discharge would be authorized for the same or a closely related offense under the Manual for Courts-martial. Civilian Conviction Conviction by civilian authorities or action taken that is tantamount to a finding of guilty, including similar adjudications in juvenile proceedings, when the specific circumstances of the offense warrant separation and the following conditions are present (1) A punitive discharge would be authorized for the same or a closely related offense under the Manual for Courts-martial or (2) The sentence by civilian authorities includes confineme nt for 6 months or more without regard to suspension or probation. Separation processing may be initiated whether or not a member has filed an appeal of a civilian conviction or has stated an intention to do so. Execution of an approved separation is usually withheld pending outcome of the appeal or until the time for appeal has passed, but the member may be separated before final action on the appeal upon request of the member or upon direction of the Secretary concerned. Characterization of service for misconduct will normally be Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, but characterization as General (under honorable conditions) may be warranted for those with outstanding military records. SecurityWhen retention is clearly inconsistent with the interest of national security, a member may be separated by reason of security and under conditions and procedures established by the Secretary of DefenseinDoD 5200.2-R.Characterization is based on the service record and performance of the respondent. Unsatisfactory Participation in the Ready ReserveA member may be separated for unsatisfactory participation in the Ready Reserve under criteria established by the Secretary concerned under DoD Directive 1215.13. Characterization of service or description of a separation is based on the service record and the requirements of DoD Directive 1215.13 (reference (p)). Weight Control FailureA member may be separated for failure to meet the weight control standardswhen it is determined that the member is unqualified for further military service, and the member is not medically diagnosed with a medical condition that precludes or interferes with weight control. Separation processing may not be initiated until the member has been counseled formally concerning deficiencies and has been afforded an opportunity to overcome those deficiencies as reflected in appropriate counseling or personnel records. Characterization of the discharge will normally be Honorable unless characterizati on of service as General (under honorable conditions) is warranted by the military records. These are the most common reasons for involuntary separations from military service. The Department of Defense also authorizes each of the military services to establish additional reasons for administrative discharges, based on the unique qualifications of the particular service.

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Sample Resume for Debt Collector Job Position

Sample Resume for Debt Collector Job PositionSample Resume for Debt Collector Job PositionJob prospects for debt collectors are expected to be favorable in the coming years, even as new technology brings efficiency to the industry. A well-written resume can help you stand out from other applicants by emphasizing the experience you can bring to the position.As the way debt is collected changes, recruiters will be looking for different skills, so you should highlight positions that demonstrate you can spielblttchen up new technology quickly. Also include software that you have experience with, especially accounting and information retrieval software like Lexis Nexis.Weve created the debt collector resume template to help you easily build a resume that catches the attention of your future employer. Create this Resume Sharon Evans1034 Farland StreetHickory Hills, IL 60457(333)-702-8325s.evanssmail.comObjectiveTo obtain a job opportunity as a Debt Collector with great focus on the job de scription and capable of delivering the assigned tasks and duties.Summary of QualificationsExcellent leadership qualitiesExcellent organizational skillsProficient in various types of computer applicationsAbility to collect debts before deadlinesAbility to research details of the whereabouts of the debtorsProfessional ExperienceDebt Collector, January 2007 Present Duranotes Inc., Los Angeles, California ResponsibilitiesVerified information of the overdue liabilities of the clients.Organized daily phone calls to clients in order to collect debts before the due dates.Advised clients on their outstanding accounts that needed to be settled.Approved negotiation details of the clients.Organized records and documentations of the clients for future reference.Support Clerk, March 2004 December 2006 Captions Corp., Los Angeles, California ResponsibilitiesCompiled information of clients of the company.Identified problems of the systems concerning different departments on filing of documents .Coordinated with suppliers regarding details of the deliveries.Received and sorted mails and sent them to corresponding departments.Monitored daily phone calls and forwarded them to corresponding recipients. EducationMasters Degree in Commerce, 2004University of ArizonaBachelor of Science in Commerce, 2001 University of Arizona Customize ResumeMore Sample ResumesDance Teacher Resume Data Analyst Resume Data Architect Resume Data Entry Clerk Resume Database Developer ResumeDay Camp Counselor Resume Daycare Director ResumeDaycare Provider Resume Daycare Teacher Resume Debt Collector Resume Demolition Worker Resume